New Hampshire Medal of Honor Ceremony

Location: Manchester, New Hampshire, Armory Exhibition Center of The Radisson Hotel
Date: December 11, 2010

On December 11, 2010 a group of families, veterans, and officials gathered at the Armory Exhibition Center in Manchester to honor New Hampshire’s fallen soldiers with the newly minted New Hampshire Medal of Honor.  The medal was signed into law in 2007 and states that “there is established a New Hampshire medal of honor, which may be awarded on behalf of the people of the state of New Hampshire to any New Hampshire citizen who has given his or her life while in the line of duty to protect and preserve the rights and freedoms of the people of New Hampshire on or after November 4, 1979,” according to the law (RSA 110-B:81).

The 10-pointed star represents the counties of New Hampshire, while the oval within it represents the circle of life, he said. An eagle poised for flight represents the United States, while the state’s outline, polished smooth, “mirrors the emotions of the families and loved ones of the recipient.” The gray, blues, green and white on the ribbon represent the New Hampshire landscape, and the medals are showcased in shadowboxes made of birch, the state tree.

Although the mood in the room was somber, it was also filled with pride and gratitude from all the attendants.   It was a day which we remembered the sacrifices made by each solider and recognized that each solider has a unique story as we paid tribute to the ultimate sacrifice made.

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Article from the Nashua Telegraph published December 12, 2010

NH honors those who gave their all