Scholarship Fund

The family of Edmond Lo and the JROTC committee are working together to provide college scholarships to students in the JROTC program of Salem High School in memory of SSG Edmond Lam Lo.

Here is a list of students that have been awarded the SSG Edmond Lo Memorial Scholarship:
2022 – Katelyn Rochford, David Carmichael and Madison Andrews
2021 – Elaina Bourgoin, Haley Rutstein, Jonathan Taube and Breanne Wolcott
2020 – Stephanie Firth, Dylan Field, Kaylee Palombo, Timothy Ryan and Joshua Toubia
2019 – Brooke Dembkoski
2018 – Chayla Allen, Sunni Holland, Ryley O’Brien and Carmela Souza
2017 – Nick Arcidiacono, Rebecca Healey, Keith Palombo, Daniel Tilton
2016 – Trevor Gagnon, Bevin Gatlin, Jeremy Needham, and Samuel Tilton
2015 – Daniel Poucher, Kyle Poucher and Jonathan Zywusko
2014 – Renee Walker, Brianna Lumb and Joshua Fox
2013 – Kyle Hannon, Samantha Hutchins and Taylor Specht
2012 – Nicholas Lang, Joseph Sweeney and Michael Croatti
2011 – Melissa Vining and David Pierson
2010 – Kathryn Carne and Matthew Viel

You may help by donating any amount to the fund you are comfortable with. When a student is selected, it will be announced on this website.

Donations may be online via PayPal or made payable via check to:

Edmond Lo Memorial Scholarship Fund
c/o Salem Co-Op Bank
3 So. Broadway, Salem, NH 03079