Salem Soldiers Bridge Dedication

Location: Salem, New Hampshire, Cross Street Bridge
Date: November 11, 2010

After months of anticipation, we gathered on Veteran’s Day for the unveiling of the Cross Street bridge dedicated to Edmond and the two other fallen soldiers from Salem, CPL Nicholas Arvantis and LCPL Robert Moscillo.  The presentation was brief but it was such an honor to finally be able to see the plaque standing in front of us, especially because we have seen the process all the way through from the initial approval to the finalization of the bill in the State House.

The crowd of supporters was presented with the plague covered with an American flag.  Once the flag was lifted it revealed a bronze plaque with the names of the soldiers and the dates they were killed in action.  The presentation was filled with not only a sense of pride and honor, but also a sense of community as the supporters gathered around the plaque for the reveal.

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The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted 16-0 in favor of naming this bridge in honor of these 3 Salem soldiers on Friday, January 22, 2010.