SSG Edmond Lo Annual Memorial Pasta Dinner Wrap Up

As always we could not continue to do this Pasta Dinner in memory of Edmond without community support. For this, we thank you in all your contributions to help us to keep doing something positive in Edmond’s name. This year we raised close to $5,000 which is in keeping with past years and we had over 100 guests attend.

It always amazes us that we can keep this going and people still give their time and thoughts to this great cause. But then again we aren’t surprised that something in Edmond’s name would keep going because in spirit that was Ed. So we want to thank you all for continuing to support this cause and for helping us give scholarships to JROTC students to go and continue their education. A special thanks goes to Stachey’s Pizzeria for donating the food again this year and Texas Roadhouse for providing the rolls.

We would like to thank all the companies who provided the raffle prizes for the event. And to David Lacroix, we want to thank you for providing the entertainment for the event year after year and helping us spread the word.